The storage units in Redondo Beach provided by Honor Storage are known to be the best in the area. If you are looking for both convenient and secure storage, definitely give Honor Storage Redondo Beach a try.

We have friendly managers to answer all your questions. We will assist you in every way possible so that you can find storage facilities that suit all your needs.

If you live in Redondo Beach, it can be hard to find self self-storage facilities close by. Luckily, we have something better. The first portable on-demand storage in Redondo Beach. We’ve been serving residents and businesses in Redondo Beach, California for over a decade. We are affordable as well as effective. Our team of portable storage experts will help you along the way.

With us by your side, storing some extra stuff will be an enjoyable process. We can guarantee it. It’s hard to find a decent and cheap self storage unit in Redondo Beach CA.

For a quick quote on your storage needs, reach out to us today!

About Honor Storage Redondo Beach

We provide on-demand storage solutions to local households and businesses in Redondo Beach, California. Besides, Redondo Beach we serve a lot of locations all across South Bay. Our main goal is to build long-lasting relationships with our clients living in Redondo Beach and the surrounding areas. Offering the best storage solutions in Redondo Beach has been our specialty for many, many years.

Our professional and friendly managers team is very passionate in helping you with all your storage needs. If you got any questions or problem with one of our on-demand and cheap storage units, they will gladly help you. Honor Storage started with only one location, but we’ve quickly grown to 4 locations throughout Southern California. No matter where in South Bay you live, we practically have self-storage services all across Los Angeles County. If you are living in a nearby city, we will go the extra mile to store all your belongings.

This makes us one of the leaders in the portable self-storage industry in this region. We consistently incorporate innovation, personal service, and proper communication to build trust and position ourselves to better solve their problems, because we care about our clients.

Whenever you need an easy and affordable way to store your furniture, give us a call! Our storage units might just be what you need.

Always A Portable On-Demand Storage Near You!

The location of the storage company is very important when you are looking for a fast move. This is why many of our customers end up choosing us. We are only a short distance away from your home or business in Redondo Beach. We are also pretty flexible, so we will be fast at your destination. Don’t wait hours for a portable storage company and choose Honor Storage today.

Storing your items fast will make sure you can go back to your daily activities immediately. We can even provide the supplies you need, including boxes, locks, tape, moving carts and more. For any questions, our managers are highly trained to answer any of your questions.

We offer a broad range of storage unit sizes. Whether you need a lot of space or just an extra closet, we have a solution for you.

Our Value

Why Choose Honor Storage?

Storage Units in Redondo Beach

Why use self storage in Redondo Beach, when you can use a portable on-demand solution? We are a full-service storage company that literally does everything for you. You can use our storage places as a personal storage, commercial storage or even mini storage.

All you have to do is pick up the phone and tell us what you want to put in storage. Decluttering your home has never been easier. We will come to your home, pick up the belongings you want to store, and transport them to our secure storage facility in the South Bay area.

When you want to take your belongings out of the self-storage units, we will deliver them back to your address in Redondo Beach. Our clients find our services completely stress-free, quick, and simple.

We are the best storage facility you can find in the area.

A Secure Storage Unit

Safety and security are usually the primary concerns that people have when their belongings are in a storage unit. When you store your precious belongings with us, they are completely safe. We employ a wide range of security measures to prevent loss due to criminal activity. Our security measures include perimeter security, 24/7 video surveillance, and sophisticated alarm systems.

Storage places like ours help you create space in your home and store your items in a secure space.

Professional Service

Honor Storage goes to great lengths to ensure that we conduct our moving and storage services professionally. We treat your possessions with the utmost respect and guarantee that there will be no risk of damage while we carry out our services.

We also provide commercial storage or business storage if this is something you need. Clients that have worked with us in the past know that they can trust us with all their items, including fragile belongings or possessions with sentimental value.


Unlike most other storage companies in the area, Honor Storage Redondo Beach only charges our clients for the storage space that they use. We have some of the best prices in the area. If budget constraints are limiting your storage options, we can help. Our pricing structure is flexible and geared toward helping you stay within your budget.

Many storage facilities charge a higher rent because of a low vacancy. That’s the reason why a cheap storage unit could be trickier to find in Redondo Beach compared to other cities. Luckily at Honor Storage, we have the customer in mind and we will provide you with quality self storage space at an affordable price.

What storage unit size should I rent in Redondo Beach, CA? Don’t worry, you can choose between small or large units depending on your budget.

Go ahead and compare our prices too other storage companies in the area.

About the city of Redondo Beach

Redondo Beach is a city in the US state of California, and it’s one of the best beaches in the South Bay Area. The city has a population of 66,748 residents. The place is the title of a reggae song by Patti Smith in the album “Horses” from 1975.

It is one of three adjacent beach cities along the southern portion of Santa Monica Bay. Without a doubt, Redondo Beach is one of the best beach places to live. This beach town offers modeern services and amenities to its residents. It’s very accessible and you can find everything you need fast. This includes moving and storage services. Our Redondo Beach storage units offer a high quality to all our customers.

Find Storage Units near Redondo Beach, CA

Redondo Beach is only located 10 miles from our main regional office based in South Bay.

Find our storage facilities in Redondo Beach, CA at the below address.

Address: 13110 S. Figueroa St., Los Angeles, CA 90061
Phone Number: (866) 949-3756
Opening Hours: Monday – Friday: 9am – 4pm

We currently work by appointment. So definitely get in touch with us first through email or phone.

Alternatively, we also offer portable on-demand storage in the nearby city of Manhattan Beach and Hermosa Beach.

Our Final Thoughts

We hope we can soon welcome you as a customer. Our customers are always our main priority. We’ve been helping people store their items for many years, and we will keep providing top-notch service for many years to come.
So if you are looking for an easy, stress-free option of storing and moving furniture, then give us a call today.

To find out more about Honor Storage services or to get a free quote, contact us today.

Redondo Beach, CA: Helpful Resources and Information

If you need storage solutions because you’re moving to Redondo Beach, then Honor Storage will definitely assist you in anyway possible! For more information about the city of Redondo Beach, you can take a look at these websites below.

Redondo Beach Chamber of Commerce | (310) 376-6911 | 200 North PCH, Redondo Beach, CA 90277

City of Redondo Beach | (310) 318-0656 | 415 Diamond Street, Redondo Beach, CA 90277

Redondo Beach Unified School District | (310) 379-5449 | 1401 Inglewood Avenue, Redondo Beach, CA 90278

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